BBQ Bliss and Scenic Slides

Cincinnati offers a surprising oasis for those seeking a break from the urban grind. Buckle up for delicious BBQ, breathtaking views, and a nostalgic adventure – all within a stone’s throw of each other.

Eli’s BBQ

Craving smoky, delicious BBQ? Look no further than Eli’s BBQ nestled between the foothills of Mt. Lookout and the Ohio River. Located at 3313 Riverside Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45226. Forget the city bustle; Eli’s transports you to a charming rural escape. Soak in the laid-back vibes, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring.  Don’t miss the pulled pork sandwich – it’s legendary. Pair it with their pan-seared mashed potatoes (a game-changer!) and wash it all down with a refreshing Ale8, a local Cincinnati favorite.

Alms Park for Breathtaking Views (and Plane Spotting!)

Just a short drive uphill from Eli’s lies Alms Park, a scenic gem offering panoramic vistas. Located at 710 Tusculum Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226. Head to the lookout point (you can’t miss it!) and prepare to be wowed. Sprawling before you is Lunken Field, a small municipal airport. Aviation enthusiasts rejoice – this is your chance to witness planes taking off against the backdrop of the valley. Feeling adventurous? Take your BBQ feast from Eli’s to Alms Park and enjoy a unique picnic experience. Spread out a blanket, savor your delicious meal, and watch planes dance across the sky – the perfect combination!

The Not-So-Ordinary Slide

After lunch, head back towards the playground at Alms Park. Here’s where things get a little…unconventional, but that’s what makes life fun, right? Nestled in the hillside awaits a concrete slide – not your average playground equipment! This polished giant is surprisingly fast, perfect for an adrenaline rush. Channel your inner child and link up with friends, bobsled-style, for a thrilling descent. Remember, safety first! Smaller riders should sit at the back for a smooth ride.

So there you have it! A delicious escape to Eli’s BBQ, followed by breathtaking views and a nostalgic adventure at Alms Park. Check out these hidden gems and unexpected fun that are waiting to be discovered in Cincinnati!

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