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Thrifting, Views, and a Speakeasy

Cincinnati offers a surprising mix of history, style, and hidden delights. This itinerary takes you on a unique adventure, from snagging a one-of-a-kind vintage outfit to soaking in breathtaking views and finally, exploring a secret speakeasy tucked away underground.

Step Back in Time at Pixel 19

Our journey begins at Pixel 19, 2100 W 8th St, Cincinnati, OH 45204. A private vintage treasure trove. This hidden gem requires a reservation, so give Stu, the friendly owner, a call. His passion for vintage is infectious, and you’re guaranteed to find a unique piece to add some retro flair to your wardrobe.

Panoramic Views and Architectural Wonders Await at Bellevue Hill Park

After transforming yourself with your vintage find, head to Bellevue Hill Park, 2191 Ohio Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45219. Designed by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this park boasts stunning panoramic views of Cincinnati. The park’s signature “floating disk” structures add a captivating touch of modern design. Strike a pose with your new outfit amidst this architectural marvel, and capture some unforgettable photo memories.

Descend into History at Ghost Baby

For the grand finale, prepare for a unique nightlife experience. Ghost Baby,1314 Republic St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, a speakeasy built within a historic lagering tunnel, awaits. Descend four stories underground, leaving the modern world behind as you enter this hidden gem. Embrace the mystery – there’s no signage, just two purple lights marking the entrance. Opt for the stairs for a true sense of discovery, and when offered a choice, take them! Unlike the elevator, they’ll reveal the true depth of your descent. To top off this extraordinary adventure, indulge in a refreshing “Fred and Ginger” mocktail, a delightful drink to match the captivating atmosphere.

Cincinnati’s hidden gems offer a glimpse into the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. So, ditch the tourist traps and embark on this unique adventure. You might just discover your new favorite vintage haunt, architectural marvel, and secret speakeasy – all in a single day!

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